Rumor: League of Legends headed to Steam (UPDATE: Debunked)

An active group of internet data miners has discovered new data related to League of Legends buried deep within Steam’s files spurring speculation that the ultra-popular MOBA title may finally be making its way to Steam. If the game is indeed on its way many questions instantly begin to arise. Will this be a “port” of the already available client? Will the Steam version bring any new content with it? As of now the game is still unconfirmed so we have a feeling that we’ll have to wait a while longer for exact details. In the event that you’re just coming out of your bomb shelter for the first time since Y2K, you can head over to the official League of Legends website to learn more about or even download the game, which is free to play.

The MOBA genre itself is still young compared to many of the staples of the gaming industry. Traditionally MOBA titles like League of Legends let players choose one of many characters with unique abilities and join a team of anywhere from three to five people. Each team’s goal is simple; Destroy the other team’s base. It sounds simple, but its actually extremely hard to sum up in words. MOBA games fuse heart pumping action, strategy, tower defense and role-playing and have quickly become host to some of the more competitive communities in gaming. For a deeper look at the MOBA genre, check out the “What is MOBA” feature over at our sister site XBLA Fans. If you’re looking for for some tips on how to play MOBA games as well as pain-tinged humor check out our own Noob’s Adventures in DOTA 2 feature which chronicles a beginner’s early time with Valve’s very own MOBA, DOTA 2. You could always just go play a MOBA game for yourself and learn about the genre first hand, but given the genre’s learning curve, we still recommend educating yourself a bit before diving in.

UPDATE: Riot Games Communications Director Vladimir Cole states that the files exist in Steam solely because some players have added League of Legends to their Steam directory. Cole goes on to state that there are no plans to bring the game to Steam, or any other platform at this time.

Source: Open SteamWorks via EGM

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