Caturday speculation: Mew-Genics

The fine folks at Team Meat are doing something interesting with the reveal of their current project. The creators of Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac have already announced that their next release will be a game called Mew-Genics. All we know about Mew-Genics is that the game involves cats, random generation, and a boat load of head scratching. Team Meat has been feeding fans a new teaser from the game every week on its blog which have ranged from character art and the number of cat variations in the game to the game’s title track. We’ve been following the trail of bread crumbs as our readers have, and in all honesty we don’t know anything more about Mew-Genics than you do. We have, however, constructed our own theory as to what exactly this game could be. From here on out we’re going to paint the picture of our vision for Mew-Genics. Enjoy seeing the inside of our imagination; let your own run wild with ideas, and keep in mind that everything in this article is hypothetical and pure speculation on our part.

Let’s not mince words. We’re think that Mew-Genics may be heavily inspired by Nintendo’s uber popular and world-conquering Pokemon franchise. Let’s examine the details of what we know so far. Team Meat has revealed that Mew-Genics will feature over 12,207,031,250,000,000,000,000 unique cats. We’re only talking about physical appearance. Team Meat has gone on to say that when you multiply that number by the different personalities, stats, and abilities to make that number exponentially larger. Let’s take a minute to examine those words. Each cat has its own unique appearance, personality, stats and abilities. That sounds a little bit like some type of role-playing game to us. Now swap the concept of having to collect all 150 or however many Pokemon there are these days with the idea of relying on a single cat that is your unique partner in crime. You start the game by generating your cat and that cat is yours and only yours. It’s up to you to take care of it, train it, and utilize its unique abilities.

What you and your cat’s mission would be in Mew-Genics, we’re not exactly sure. Perhaps some of Team Meat’s character teasers released over the past few weeks can shed some light on the scenario ahead. We’re thinking that the game’s story involves a whole lot of weird science. That’s where Dr. Beanies (pictured above) comes in. We think he is Mew-Genics‘ very own Professor Oak. Beyond that, maybe some of the other characters revealed thus far are Mew-Genics “gym leaders”. In the Pokemon games, you always have to work your way through competitions to take down the biggest, baddest Pokemon trainer in that region. Perhaps in Mew-Genics we’ll be taking on these “cat trainers”, who instead of being extremely skilled in a particular class of Pokemon are instead just extremely odd. One way or another, Team Meat is leading us to believe that these characters will play some sort of role in the game’s story.

So outside of the basic set up and hypothetical single-player setup, what other kind of features could Mew-Genics be packing? Like Pokemon, we assume that in our imaginary scenario Mew-Genics will feature some sort of battle system where you can pit your cat against other real-life player’s felines. We imagine that Team Meat is trying to give the term “cat fight” an all new meaning. Can you see a cat shocking another cat with a Pikachu style lightning attack? How about breathing fire like Charmander? Throw the twisted minds of the duo at Team Meat into the mix and just imagine some of the completely inappropriate things that might be involved in these battles. Yes, Mew-Genics really could be as twisted as that thought you just had. As long as they don’t borrow the “leer” attack from the Pokemon games, we think we’ll be happy with the result.

We could attempt to paint a larger picture of exactly how things in Mew-Genics will shake out. If the game does indeed follow this blueprint that we’ve developed, will we see extreme kitty violence? How exactly would the PvP system work? There’s still a million questions surrounding Mew-Genics, and our speculation doesn’t really reduce the number. There may be as many questions left to be answered about the game as there are unique cat combinations. Regardless, Team Meat is going to continue posting new Mew-Genics teasers every Saturday until they finally blow the lid off the game and reveal it for what it truly is. In the mean time, we’re going to keep speculating and we want you to do the same. Sound off in the comment section below or head over to our Forums, and let us know what you think Mew-Genics is going to be!

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